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Development Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Plotform (Frame work) development: by using PHP and simple SQL DB Rs. 1,50,000/ Rs. 2,00,000/ Rs. 3,00,000/
see futures of basic LMS plotform $ 3000/- USDs $ 4000/- USDs $ 5000/- USDs
One hour of content development. Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 60,000/-
Activity development
  • Only multy pul choies questions
  • Off line Immidiate feedbacks
  • MC, DD, Fill in the blanks
  • Immidiate feedbacks
  • Final result
  • Intractive activities with feedback
  • Immidiate feedbacks
  • Final result
  • Online exam and tracking
Discriptio comments Levl1 - simple page turner methods will be followed. Text and one related image will be displayed on stage. If there any naration is there will payed in back ground as a single file. No sicuronization will be expected. Next back navgation will be managed play pouse audio conrols will be implimented. only limited questions (activities) will be implemented not going to stor any resultd in DB. Level 2 - for level one addtionaly will manage activities in to DB and reports will be provided. question bank will be available (fixed). In place of static grphics wecan use animated images or animations in to content. Audio can be make in to controlable parts. suppotting resorce including videos will be provided with in the topics. all 3 types of activities will be used in assesments Level 3 - Apart from Level 2 manageble qustion bank will be provided, image involved activities will be provided. Re celler and custmized brnding access and reports will be provided. Will be linked to website.